Registration conditions and technical operations of the Futur-e Platform

In order to subscribe to the Platform Futur-e as a Participant in the redevelopment and purchase (hereinafter Participant) and enter your Project Proposal, it is necessary to complete the online form. By completing the registration process and selecting the corresponding item, the Participant declares that he/she has carefully read and expressly accepted all the terms and conditions of use of the Platform, expressly indicated herein below.

Personal Data

For the purposes of Registration, the Participant must provide personal data that will be processed in compliance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 and all amendments and current legislation on this subject, as provided in the Data Privacy Statement to be accepted upon registration. The participant represents and warrants that the personal data he/she has provided are complete, true and correct and undertakes to update them promptly.

Participant's Password and User ID

Upon registration the Participant will enter a personal identification code "User ID" and an access code "Password", which will be required for access to and use of the Platform. Subsequently he/she will receive at the email address that has been entered in the registration form a link to confirm the activation of the account. The Participant is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of his/her User ID and/or password and, consequently, is solely responsible for all uses of his/her User ID and/or Password, whether authorised or unauthorised by the Participant himself/herself. In relation to the above, the Participant is obliged to immediately communicate to the email address any unauthorised use by third parties of his/her User ID and/or password or any other security breach that he/she has become aware of, committing from now to indemnify and hold harmless Enel Production from any and every request, including compensation for damages, proposed and/or resulting, directly or indirectly, from the aforementioned use or abuse by anyone.

Property rights of Enel and Third Parties

The Participant expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, protectable under the regulation regarding copyright or other provisions, including, by way of example, software, hardware, projects, trademarks, databases and similar, present in the Platform because they have been provided by Enel Production or otherwise made available to the Participant by Enel Production are owned by Enel Production and its legitimate licensees and will remain so. It is understood that the Participant cannot copy, modify, sell, assign, license, grant, transfer to third parties or create works deriving from any right belonging to Enel Production, nor allow any third party to do so through the Participant or his or her computer.

Limitation of Liability

Enel Production does not assume legal responsibility for damages, claims or losses, either direct or indirect, deriving to the Participant due to failure and/or malfunction of the electronic equipment belonging the Participant or to third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or computer connections that are not directly managed by Enel Production or under its control. Enel Production cannot be held in default nor liable for damages resulting from the failure to register to the platform due to the lack of, or mistaken functioning of the electronic means of communication due to circumstances beyond the company's control, including - but not limited to - fire, natural disasters, lack of energy, unavailability of telephone lines or of other network service suppliers, malfunctioning of systems and other electronic devices, also when they are not part of the Internet network, malfunctioning of software installed by the Participant, as well as actions carried out by other users or anyone else having access to the network.

Conservation of electronically exchanged documents

Regarding the content and date of registration of acts, communications and/or documents that have been sent, the registration of the electronic transactions made though Enel Production's IT system is full and exclusive evidence.
Registrations made by the aforesaid IT system are full evidence of the performer electronic transactions. These registrations are confidential and will not be shared with third parties, except in cases expressly allowed by regulations.
Enel Production keeps records of the electronic transactions referred to in this article in a specific computer filing system.


The Participant agrees to use the Platform for lawful purposes that are recognised by current applicable laws, usages and customs, rules of diligence, and in any case without infringing the rights of any third party, whether he/she is a user of the means of communication or not, and paying particular attention to the rules on data protection, regulations on protection of intellectual and industrial property and those on telecommunications.

Applicable law

The present conditions are governed by Italian law. In the event that certain provisions were to be held invalid, void and/or not applicable under the current legislation, the remaining ones will still have full force and effect.